Kitchen Backsplash Mural Design in Chevy Chase, MD

Creating a focal point in the kitchen is usually achieved by designing interesting tile layout above the stove or cooktop. In this project in Chevy Chase, MD the client liked the idea of a mosaic mural. Although challenging, considering the type of hood was used, we knew nothing could stop us. So the first thing we did was to create a pattern that would fit behind the hood. The next challenge was how to take the pattern all the way up creatively since the upper cabinets did not go to the ceiling. We came up with the idea of concave arch and used flex molding to finish it. The design on the pattern was drawn considering where the hood would fall and how we wanted each flower to be placed. The leaves were added with some coming out from under the hood. The next step was to find the tile colors and submitted for computer generated drawing. This was a long process that took several weeks to get it right. But finally it was approved and produced. And once the installation was done it was a masterpiece that everyone loved.

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