When we took on this exciting renovation of the kitchen in a luxury condo in McLean, VA, we had to take into account a few things.  1st and foremost was the layout of the cabinets to achieve the most efficiency.  When you look at the before pictures, the distance between 2 opposite counter tops or working surfaces was not convenient.  Therefore we added an island that not only gave the clients more surface to work on but also created seating for 3.  We also added storage by extending them fully to the end therefore using every inch of the space.  2nd was the cabinet door/drawer design and the finish.  We custom designed the center of the doors and drawers to have Birdseye Maple with egg and dart trim to be added around it with glaze finish.  Also used integrated doors for the fridge and the dishwasher.  3rd was lighting.  It is always important to not only use recessed lighting but also surface lighting, in this case pendants over the island and under cabinet lighting to illuminate the counter tops.  If you would like to know more about this kitchen renovation click here: Contact


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